Elevate your coffee and snack time with our Evil Eye Porcelain Coffee Mug and Kansa Alloy Snack Dish Set. This thoughtfully crafted ensemble combines the charm of traditional Indian craftsmanship with the elegance of porcelain. The set includes four porcelain coffee mugs adorned with the protective Evil Eye design, making each sip a moment of spiritual significance. Accompanying these mugs is a set of four Kansa alloy snack dishes, handcrafted to perfection, offering a rustic touch to your table. Sip your favorite brew from these eye-catching mugs while enjoying your choice of snacks in the beautifully designed Kansa alloy dishes. It's a blend of cultural symbolism and functional elegance that enhances your dining experience. Crafted with care, the porcelain mugs are easy to handle and maintain, while the Kansa alloy dishes showcase the unique qualities of this traditional Indian metal. Together, they make for a memorable dining or gifting option. Upgrade your home decor and elevate your dining rituals with this exceptional set that marries tradition and modern aesthetics. Whether for personal enjoyment or as a special gift, this set of Evil Eye Porcelain Coffee Mugs and Kansa Alloy Snack Dishes adds a touch of cultural significance and style to your tableware collection.

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